04 June 2013

To Governor Jerry Brown of California. PLEASE!

Many of you have been following our campaign to pass Roman's Law (AB714) in California for $2 million annually in spending on a cure for spinal cord injury and other forms of paralysis and we all thank you for your continued emails and faxes.

The road from bill to law in America, and in most of countries, has many stages, and we need your support NOW to help at the important final stage when the Governor decides whether to sign or veto this bill. 

Currently, Roman's Law has passed two California Assembly committees and full Assembly with no votes against, but there is no room for complacency. After this we're looking at two more Senate committees and then the full Senate. 

Last year, with your support we passed all these hurdles only to have the Governor Jerry Brown veto the bill. 

So this time, I want to start preparing for the Governor's desk as soon as possible.

By the time this bill passes all those committees I want to present Governor Jerry Brown with a giant card with your comments asking him to sign the bill and bring hope to paralysis survivors in California and all over the world.

What can you do? 

You can add your name and other details to our 'Sign AB714 into law to advance the war on paralysis' or add your own comments.

And don't forget to encourage your friends to do the same. Remember, we don't want to present a card with a lot of white space.

This campaign has now ended. Thanks for all your support.

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