23 June 2013

Sign our 'CureParalysis' card and tell Governor Jerry Brown the truth about spinal cord injury

Our newest campaign to present a 'CureParalysis' card to Governor Jerry Brown has gained a lot of attention from those living with paralysis.

AB714 (Roman's Law) is asking for a million dollars a year for paralysis cure research in California and has already made it through the Assembly and is is head through the Senate where we hope it will get passed. The next step will be the Governor's desk where he will either sign or veto the bill. Last year, he vetoed it.

This year we want you to sign our giant 'CureParalysis' card to the Governor and leave your comments telling him why you want paralysis cure. Feel free to share with him not only your hopes and dreams of a cure for paralysis, but also the real horrors of paralysis.

Today I'm leaving you with a few comments that some have already made and urge you to share your heartfelt desire for a cure. Please sign below to add your name to our 'CureParalysis' card.

This campaign has now ended. Thanks for all your support.

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