10 March 2018

Spinal Cord Injury cure community survey - Part I

Ninety-nine members of the Spinal Cord Injury community took their time to answer this year’s survey. While not a huge number, it is similar in size to 2011, and I always must remind myself that we are not a huge community.

After I finish writing part II, I will make all the data available, but I am going to spend a few minutes looking at what I consider to be the most interesting results. You may see something that I missed, so please feel free to write to me and point it out.

Do you believe that a cure for SCI is necessary so that people living with SCI can have an improved quality of life and not have to suffer secondary complications?

People aren’t fooling themselves. Even with all the progress science has made in reducing secondary complications and improving quality of life for those of us in chairs, over 90% of respondents believe that CURE is a necessity to answering these issues.