26 January 2014

Cure Girl activity results in support for Chronic spinal cord injury research in Italy

Cure Girl activity results in the decision of the regional administration of Lombardy in Italy to support chronic spinal cord injury research in 2014. From www.CureGirls.wordpress.com
The regional administration of Lombardy on Dec. 20th 2013 has approved the health plan for 2014 as proposed by the members of the administrations Dr. Mario Mantovani and Dr. Maria Cristina Cantù.

On page 115 of Annex 3 under “Special Programs” it has been specified that the intention of the administration is to allocate money to research for chronic spinal cord injury.

The Council’s decision was supported by the President of the Commission III Health and Social Welfare Dr. Fabio Rizzi, who had received and evaluated a proposal signed by Ms. Loredana Longo (Cure Girl) and Mr. Paolo Cipolla. The proposal detailed the situation of people living with chronic spinal cord injury and requested financial investment in research to find a CURE for this condition in line with the Council of Europe Recommendation n° 1560/2002.

“This is just the first step,” said Dr. Rizzi. “Now we have to identify specific projects.”
On behalf of people living with spinal cord injury that every day fight for a cure Ms. Longo and Mr. Cipolla want to thank the regional administration of Lombardy, Dr. Mario Mantovani, Dr. Maria Cristina Cantù, Dr. Fabio Rizzi  and his staff who have all shown to be extremely passionate and visionary to find a solution for this problem.

In Italy the Ministry of Health estimates the number of people living with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury is 80,000 with about 1.200-1.500 new cases per year. About 80% are between 10 and 40 years old. In the Lombardy region alone it is estimated that there are about 14,000 people living with spinal cord injury with an annual increase of approximately 250 new cases. This terrible condition is not only highly disabling for spinal cord injured people, but it also has a tremendous social and economic impact . In fact life expectancy for people with spinal cord injury is considerably reduced, especially for quadriplegics and also involves extremely high social costs.

I’m confident that this commitment of the Regional administration to support research will help to find effective therapies for the treatment of paralysis caused by chronic spinal cord injury.
Cure Girl Loredana

05 January 2014

The most challenging quiz you'll do in '14

I have a challenge for you in 2014. 
You can read on a little, or go directly to the quiz. 

a. What do all of these people have in common?
b. How many can you name? Name them.
c. Which one(s) are real people or depict real people?

And one more...

e. Who is she?

And before I leave you thinking that I've gone completely off my rocker, go here and take the 2014 Challenge!

Good luck and Happy New Year!