05 January 2014

The most challenging quiz you'll do in '14

I have a challenge for you in 2014. 
You can read on a little, or go directly to the quiz. 

a. What do all of these people have in common?
b. How many can you name? Name them.
c. Which one(s) are real people or depict real people?

And one more...

e. Who is she?

And before I leave you thinking that I've gone completely off my rocker, go here and take the 2014 Challenge!

Good luck and Happy New Year!


  1. Dear Bob,
    Comments are open again, but if you start writing off topic about Dr. Wise Young or make accusations, then I'll close the comments and YOU will be the one who wrecks the public comment area for everyone.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Again, you have made an accusation that somehow I am promoting Wise Young. I think that I've mentioned him once or twice but never his trials. This is not because I'm anti or pro, it's just that the blog has never focused on him the same way is that it has never focused on any scientist specifically. You'll see that the blog has very much talked about the non-scientific barriers to cure and has tried to get people involved in dealing with those issues. The science is already discussed a lot and I found that I could be much more helpful dealing with the other side.

      So when there are off topic posts or comments that are falsely accusatory or offer no evidence, they will be removed.

  3. Bob, you're just a damned fool choking on your own poisonous anger. Please stop.

    Dennis, OTOH is full of delusions of grandeur. Not one of your "Campaigns" has swayed a vote or an outcome. Not. One.

    Not in California, NOT in Minnesota, not with Hansen, not with Reeve. Bang your drum silly man. Pretend that you influence outcomes. You don't. You are a laughing stock and you stand in the way of real progress.

    Carry on.

    1. See Bob, anonymous who calls you a damn fool won't get banned off here, even though he's wrong about the campaigns.

      I know "Mr. 6 January Anonymous poster" is wrong about the campaigns because there are people that we deal with who know that a difference has been made. Do you have any proof otherwise or is it just an opinion or do you just believe in a lot of coincidence? In California and Minnesota we lost. So? We'll help again if those leading want our help. We didn't impose ourselves on either of these two campaigns.

      I guess the three thousand individuals who have signed to support the campaigns are laughing stocks? Or again, is this just an opinion.

      About standing in the way of real progress, can you tell me how? Or again, is it just an opinion?

      I find it remarkable that you can accuse me of having NO impact on the outcome and at the same time also stand in the way of real progress. These two claims are opposites and I don't know how you can even state them in the same breath, unless it's that one comes out of the left side of your mouth and the other the right.

      I think it's easy to get on here and be anonymous and offer no facts and say what you're saying. I would pretty much say that it's a troll's way to deal with issues. It's one of the reasons people tell me to make people at least join in order to write comments

  4. Yes Dennis, you get snickers in legislative offices. In one you even have a nickname. I will not share it because some of us ARE working productively with them. I hope you will let me explain. I think you have a roll in the movement but I don't think you're using it well. I was a congressional aide back in the day so I can tell you that your premessaged faxes just don't count. They don't. Here's why. The respondent only had to auto-fill a form to send an automated message. They put out no effort. When we used to count these, we had a ratio of messages we expected to be fakes (one person with mulitple identities trying to pad their numbers.) Second, very few US congressional offices care about what "foreign nationals" have to say about FEDERAL bills and laws. You'll get even less attention as a "foreign national" at the state level. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying it's true. Your opinions don't influence elections here and you cannot make campaign contributions, ergo you have no value in this process (in the eyes of the congress members). How you IMPEDE progress is for those of us working INSIDE the US with votes and campaign contributions to sway. When I wheel in to legislative offices where your "campaigns" have been at work, it is hostile. They want to know if I am "as crazy as those people." You ruin our credibility right off the bat.

    I think you could make some changes to how you do things and really contribute. Here's how.

    Create talking points for clearer messaging and share THOSE as your campaign. Encourage -- no DEMAND personalized letters to voting members and they should be from the US. Sorry, no congressman in MN cares what "some guy in Osaka" thinks about his voting record. You don't vote here and you cannot make a campaign contribution in the US. You have no mechanism for influence in US politics. You CAN encourage letters to media outlets and churn the story but that's as far as you're going to get.

    Since you have a large international following, focus OUTSIDE the US. Work on Italy or Korea. There you stand a better chance of leveraging true influence.

  5. I want to say more Dennis. You're very good at finding and analyzing information. That is your strength. I wish you would focus there more and stay in your lane. We all have jobs to do. The place where you do the most good is feeding people information and impowering them to go do it. Serve your best purpose. Be that clearinghouse of information and encouragement but stop your automated campaigns. They hurt more than they help.

  6. I don't know what kind of impact you're advising Dennis to have in Italy or Korea. That's hardly the hotbed of interest in spinal cord injury. After all, Dennis isn't from the US, nor Italy, Korea or Canada where his campaigns have been geared. You appear to have an ulterior motive to get him to disappear off the U.S. scene. It seems to me there's been some impact all right. Some feathers have been ruffled and it doesn't have anything to do with poor Mr. Anonymous being perceived as part of the "crazy people" group. I doubt legislators would call 3,000 respondents "crazy people" since they're smarter than that. It's too bad Mr. Anonymous hasn't been smart enough to play a significant role in empowering paralyzed people throughout the world nor even finding a lane for himself. Obviously jealousy isn't leveraging true influence either. THE WORLD IS CHANGED BY EXAMPLE, NOT YOUR OPINION AND WHINING.

  7. If 2% of the US population has a spinal chord injury, then 3,000 worldwide don't even represent the paralyzed populace of a single metro in the US. It is a respectable number of people all coming together for advocacy but it's barely more than a good start. I suggested Italy and Korea, because it appears that Dennis has the most follows outside the US and it appears that most of them (or the most vocal) are in Italy and Korea. If that I am wrong, I stand corrected. Dennis as a political organizer knows there is a difference between being active and being effective. Dennis best serves as an EXAMPLE by being effective. I'm telling you as an insider to the process not only have you not been effective but with politics being what they are in the US these days, "a bunch of foreigners" can hurt more than help. Again, not fair but do you read our newspapers? Have you met our Tea Party? They hold legislative control and outsiders only fuel their xenophobia.

    That issue aside, you're using automated messaging. It just isn't the same. No one counts those numbers hard. They're coming from outside the US. Now, if you want to use your considerable energy to move US voters into writing those letters, THAT'S IMPACT!

    But, this forum does not allow for a proper discussion of strategies and impacts any voice that offers feedback is silenced and ridiculed by the paranoid. If all criticism is an attack, then you will never hone your strategies. That's what makes you foolish.

    3,000 voices is a good start. You're using them in the wrong place.