31 August 2013

Paralysis cure bill almost there, but you're help is still needed. Sign "Cure Paralysis" Card.

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Roman's Law for paralysis cure in California has now passed the Senate Appropriations Committee. Yesterday it was passed by a 9 to 0 vote. 

This bill now has to pass the full Senate and then has to be signed into law by the Governor. Last year, the bill passed all the phases of the Assembly and Senate but it was vetoed by the Governor.

This year, Roman's Law followed the Governor's advice and instead of putting a levy on tickets to fund the bill, it's a straight request for $1 million per year from the general account.

We're now working on a GIANT "CureParalysis" card to send to the Governor so when the bill gets to his desk, he'll know the world is cheering him on to sign the bill into law.

You can sign the CureParalysis card below (if you haven't yet done so). We're now over 500, but still need your support.

For more information at Roman's Law, please see http://romanreedfoundation.com/new-ca-laws-ab714-ab666/

This campaign has now ended. Thanks for all your support.

11 August 2013

Join over 400 others in letting Governor Jerry Brown know he is not alone in signing Roman's Law for paralysis cure into law

Last year Roman Reed and his supporters were able to pass legislation for paralysis cure funding through two Assembly committees, the full Assembly, two Senate committees, and finally the whole Senate. It would have added $1 to traffic tickets in order to restore funding to this important programme. In the end, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill stating that funding should come from the general fund.

Roman Reed and his team took this advice to heart and this year introduced AB714 for one million in paralysis cure funding which will come from the general fund.

They've now passed the Assembly Health and Appropriations Committees, the full Assembly 69 to 3, and most recently the Senate Health Committee nine to nil.

While Roman works to make sure the bill gets through the Senate Appropriations Committee and the full Senate, we are working on a giant "CureParalysis" card for the Governor to let him know that we'll be with him when he signs the bill into law.

Over 400 hundred have already signed our card and stand in solidarity for paralysis cure. We still have time before this bill gets to the Governor's desk and hope that you'll stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

Sign the card and send your comments to Governor Jerry Brown.

This campaign has now ended. Thanks for all your support.

03 August 2013

Hansen Group: They've learned to talk the talk

...Now, can they get us to walk the walk?

I have to admit that I was quite impressed by a recent announcement by the Rick Hansen Institute. Their new five year "strategic directions" plans seems just like what spinal cord injury cure activists have been campaigning for.

For now, I'll leave my judgement at "seems", but they sure have learned to talk the cure talk. Prior to this the Rick Hansen Foundation and Institute has sprinkled the "cure" word here and there but never seemed to have any kind of plan to cure spinal cord injury. It seems that this may have changed!

Not only do they seem committed to a cure for spinal cord injury, it looks like they also have a plan which entails spending for cure (along with care). They now talk about regeneration and even mention the word "chronic" spinal cord injury. "Chronic" means those of us currently living with the horrors of paralysis and they NOW talk about US.

I can't be 100% certain, but I don't believe that their old website ever talked about a commitment to cure chronic spinal cord injury. They've even set up a committee headed by Dr. Brian Kwon to deal with cure.

Another new buzzword(s) is "consumer engagement". Could this mean that RHI now wants our input?

We've spent two years asking the Rick Hansen Foundation and Institute questions about cure and now they seem like they're ready to answer.

I know that there are many cynics when it comes to the Rick Hansen group and cure, but I prefer to let my cynicism down and engage this new path with questions. You can see some of the questions we'll be raising in upcoming talks.

Let's see what one of the leading, world wide, SCI organisation is putting on the cure table before criticising. One of my "cure" comrades stated that they are doing all of this just to make us happy. My answer to this is that I'm glad they're finally considering our opinions, trying to "make us happy",  and making cure a true centerpiece in their efforts.

Please have a look at the recent announcement including our questions. If you have any more questions you'd like to ask, please let me know.