16 June 2013

Support paralysis cure for father's day. Sign the card!

My kids asked me what I wanted for Father's Day...

So what I did, was have them sit at the computer and sign our 'CureParalysis' card to Governor Jerry Brown in California. 

This card will be presented to the Governor to make sure that he signs AB714 into law once we manage to get it through the last stages in the California Senate. AB714 (Wieckowski D), also known as Roman's Law, will directly fund the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Grant Fund and Core Laboratory. In addition, it will also provide a research funding account and lab to the University of California to fund and carry out pioneering science to advance the field of spinal cord injury research. AB714 will also provide funding to ALL of the best spinal cord injury research scientists at Universities, Industry and Colleges in California.

Here is another son who signed our card to the Governor to support his father.

Stephen Case from Tarzana, California wrote:
Please sir. My name is Stephen case. 10 years ago my dad had an accident on a 4 wheeler. He is now a quadriplegic and his life is a constant struggle. I'd beg you on my knees to sign this bill , not just for my dad but for all paralyzed around the world. My dad is my hero. Please give hope to all those suffering from spinal cord injury around the world.

Eric Stegall, another paralysed father from San Martin, California wrote:
Please sign AB 714. I am I was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident and it is a struggle to get through each day. I am suffering, my wife and kids are suffering. Please sign AB714 and let me have some hope of there being a CURE for paralysis someday. Living with paralysis is not really "living life" at all.
Thank you.

And it's not just sons supporting fathers on Father's Day, but also the other way around.

Don Reed Sponsored California's Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act of 1999. Named after his quadriplegic son who was paralysed in his first game of college football "Roman's Law" has provided $14 million in state funding. The funding to Roman's Law was lost a few years ago but this year we're on track to get it back, but we need your support.

Here's what Don Reed has to say:
Passing Assembly Bill 714, to fund the Roman Reed Spinal Cord injury Research Act is a help to young scientists who might otherwise have to leave the field. With an average age of 44 for scientists getting their first NIH grant, what happens to the young men and women whose creativity advances all our hopes? The RR Act gives small grants of $20-$50,000-- success with a small grant gives a scientist a track record, so he or she now has evidence of competence-- and can try for the bigger grants with a far greater chance of success.

And one day, all across our world, paralysis will never again be called "incurable".

Help make this a special Father's Day for me, Don, Eric, and Stephen by signing our 'CureParalysis' card by adding your name, details, and even a special cure message if you want so one day 'paralysis will never again be called incurable'.

This campaign has now ended. Thanks for all your support.

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