04 May 2012

Appeal to Rick Hansen - 5 days left - please sign

The Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) and Rick Hansen Institute (RHI) is one of the largest and well financed organization dealing with spinal cord injury (SCI) in the WHOLE WORLD.


There is a concern in the paralysis community about the RHF and RHI’s spending on a cure for paralysis.

In 2011 these concerns led to over 300 emails being sent to RHF’s CEO, Mr. Art Reitmayer, asking for clarification.


“Please outline your spending on translational research for central nervous system regeneration, i.e., a cure for spinal cord injury.”

We were shocked to find the answer void of any content. He answered,

81% of funds raised by RHF have been directed towards the search for a cure for SCI and quality of life initiatives.”

You can imagine the red flags that were raised by an answer like this.

So this time we want to forget about the past and ask Rick directly about RHF/I’s plans to get people out of wheelchairs and walking and we want an announcement made at the May Interdependence 2012 conference in Vancouver.

Help Rick strengthen CURE’s side by adding your name, along with over 600 people worldwide, to the following questions.

To: Mr. Rick Hansen
Re: Getting us up and walking

We want to be with you in your fight to cure paralysis so naturally we want to know if you’re really with us.

Please answer the following clearly in writing and publicly at the Interdependence 2012 conference.

A.    How much are you planning to spend in the next 5 years to find a cure for chronic SCI?
B.    Which research projects (basic and clinical research) will be funded by Rick Hansen organizations to get people with chronic SCI out of wheelchairs?
C.    What is RHF/I’s ability and/or willingness to fund promising science to cure chronic spinal cord injury both domestically and internationally.

This campaign has now ended. Thank you for your support.

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