12 May 2012

737 sign the Rick Hansen appeal

YOU have made our appeal campaign to the Rick Hansen Foundation the best ever.

Rick Hansen has been sent the questions that you signed your name to and now we will await an answer.

1. How much are you planning to spend in the next five years to find a cure for chronic spinal cord injury?
2. Which research projects (basic and clinical research) will be funded by Rick Hansen organizations to get people with chronic sci out of wheelchairs?
3. What is the Rick Hansen Foundation/Rick Hansen Institute's ability/willingness to fund promising science to cure chronic spinal cord injury both domestically and internationally?

Of course we all know that we've asked, but a press release has also been issued to the Canadian media and all of the main presenters at the Interdependence Conference have also been notified that we are waiting for answers.

I would love them to come back with a large list of all the things that they have done and are planning to do to cure chronic spinal cord injury. The only thing I would say then is thanks and "Why didn't you tell us when we first asked?"

In the meantime, you can also help spread the word by twittering our press release, putting it out on facebook, and even sending it to people that YOU know in the media or think would be interested.  You can find the press release at http://bit.ly/RHFPR. 


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