30 May 2012

26 hours left to click for a paralysis cure

This is a massive rush to make sure that the Roman Reed act to cure paralysis (Assembly Bill AB 1657) clears the California Assembly.

YOUR emails have already had this act clear the Public Health Committee.

YOUR emails have already got this through the Appropriations Committee (where the money is decided).

And now we need YOUR EMAIL to get it through the whole of the California Assembly.

Let's make sure that we make a cure for paralysis a reality by making sure we get a majority in the Assembly, and a majority means securing the votes of FIVE more Assembly members to GUARANTEE the passage of this act in the Assembly.

You can do it, but you have to do it now!

Email the following Assembly members to guarantee a majority!

This campaign is now finished and it passed the Assembly. More information to follow. Thanks for all the great support!

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