06 June 2010

Stem Cells and Atom Bombs - What are you talking about??

You may be asking, "What do stem cells and atom bombs have to do with each other?" 
As you'll see in my profile I've just become a paraplegic and I've been in the hospital for almost a year now. Well, as you can imagine, being a paraplegic has really got me interested in stem cell research. I read about it everyday, I get all the most recent news, not only about stem cells but new research about spinal cord injury.
The problem is that sitting in my hospital room waiting for a breakthrough is not making the breakthrough come any quicker. Then I got to thinking...
I'm a union organizer. My job is to get people in the union in order to help them improve their own lives, but when it comes to my own health problem, I just sit and read what others have done, but am not doing anything myself.
So I asked myself, "Why not do what you're good at and organize people to help themselves and others?" So that's what I aim to do with this blog. I'm still working out what to exactly, but I have some ideas. That will come later.

But wait a second! I still haven't answered my first question. What do stem cells and atom bombs have to do with each other? That's for the next post.

1 comment:

  1. Dennis, I was shocked to hear of your injury. I have confidence in your ability to organize global stem cell research so a breakthrough is achieved. I'm also looking forward to learning more about stem cells and atom bombs, as your blog develops.

    All the best to you and your family,
    Rebecca (Becky Shellington)