07 June 2010

Before I start talking about the atom bomb...

I've already gotten a few emails and one comment. Of course, the messages were all from friends, so I'd like to say thank you for your support.
One email that I received concerned me a little, so I thought I'd make it the focus of today's post.
The writer was wondering why I would criticize all the amazing work going on in stem cell research. The focus of this blog is not to criticize the people (or the companies or the foundations) doing research in this field. Without them we would be nowhere close to finding ways to use stem cells to benefit human kind. 
What I aim to write about in this blog is the fact that there is no concerted effort from any government or governments to further stem cell research. 
Today's small post will give you background reading (and viewing) in stem cell research and spinal cord injury. Enjoy the reading; it's fascinating.

Spinal Cord Injury: Hope through research.
Stem cell treatment improves mobility after spinal cord injury
Stem cell therapy to be tested on spinal cord injuries

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