07 October 2013

California cure paralysis bill vetoed again

Once again the governor of California, Jerry Brown, has let down the paralysis community by vetoing the Roman Reed Law (AB 714). This was despite the fact that the bill had only three votes against in both houses. Last year the same governor vetoed the bill after it passed both houses. His reason then was that since the money was raised by a one dollar surcharge on moving vehicle violations, it led to fee-based government. Governor Brown believed then that the money should come from the general fund, not fees levied against Californians.

So this year, the Reed's changed the bill to do exactly as the governor wanted. The bill asked for $1 million from the general fund but he vetoed it anyway. What's his reason this year? Haven't heard yet, but I bet it will be a doozie!

Roman Reed made this comment to you who signed the card to the governor.

"To all of you brave souls who took a stand and sign our card to the governor I thank you dearly.

Under normal circumstances are response should've been enough, unfortunately the governor vetoed us.

So we're to have to double our efforts. I will be running for State office and will be introducing this bill again and we will have her cures come hell or high water we will find a away to cure paralysis.

I am Roman Reed and you have my word that we will not stop until we are walking again."

I am happy that Roman is continuing his struggle to cure paralysis, and I hope that we can all continue to support his efforts.

Dennis Tesolat
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