19 September 2013

SEND A FREE ONLINE FAX to Governor Jerry Brown and tell him to sign the Roman Reed Bill

First I'm going to thank all of you who already signed our CureParalysis card to the governor, and now I want you to do one more thing. SEND A FAX to the governor and ask him to sign AB714 (the Roman Reed bill) into law and add a million dollars a year to paralysis cure funding.

If you don't have a fax or don't want to spend the money faxing to California, you can use

THE FREE ONLINE FAX FORM by filling in the form below.

Don't put this off as it only take about 1 minute. If you have your own fax, you can fax it to 916-558-3160.

Don't know what to say? Well, be brief and just tell him that you are expecting him to sign AB714 into law.

Here's what I'm sending and I've bolded the part that you can can just copy and paste into the ONLINE FREE FAX FORM.
Dear Governor Brown,

My name is Dennis Tesolat and I live in Osaka, Japan and I'm a paraplegic. I was one of the people who helped organise the CureParalysis card that I hope you'll see. In it 500 people from many places, including California, signed the card in the hope that you will sign AB714.

Please sign AB714 into law; do not veto it like you did last year. I wasn't happy when it was vetoed last year, but I could understand your reasoning against fee-based government. This year, as you know, the bill asks for $1 million from the general fund, so based on your thinking last year, you now need to sign this bill into law and bring hope to the paralysed all over the world.

Thank you.


Also, if you're in California, please make sure the Governor knows it.

Campaign has now ended. Thanks for your support.