06 April 2013

From Minnesota to California – Your emails will cure paralysis

Send an email to the California Assembly to support $2 million for paralysis cure!

A month or so ago I asked you to support a bill to increase funding for paralysis cure in Minnesota, and you responded. Your emails have pushed this bill through yet another hurdle as it just passed the senate finance committee.

Senator Hayden introduced the Bill by saying; ‘you may have heard of this Bill’…to which Senator Franzen replied, ‘yes, my inbox is full of messages showing support for this Bill’.

Yes, they've heard about the Bill, thanks to all of you.

Beside the unanimous vote to move forward, was some glowing commentary and support voiced by Republican Senator Kiffmeyer. She spoke for a few minutes about her support, and for all of the very kind and insightful things she said, the one that was most encouraging was: ‘This Bill’s time has come’.

Now, I want you to do the same in California to send an email to support Roman’s Law for funding for paralysis cure. 

The first hearing will be the California Assembly's Health Committee on 15 April, but we have to move quickly as we only have a few days to get our appeal in this time. 

Roman’s Law (AB714 Wieckowski, D) is for $2 million to restore funding to the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Grant Fund and Core Laboratory. In addition, it will also provide a research funding account and lab to the University of California to fund and carry out pioneering science to advance the field of spinal cord injury research. AB714 will also provide funding to ALL of the best spinal cord injury research scientists at Universities, Industry and Colleges in California.

This is another bill whose time has come. Let’s make sure that we show our support for this law by sending a simple email so that politicians in California will also say, yes, my inbox is full of messages showing support for this Bill’.

The campaign has closed. Thanks for your great support!

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