14 April 2013

Another email if you care about CURE

I know that now all my readers are American. Heck, I'm not American, but because I care about cure, I'm sending one more email to the Minnesota senate to get the Jablonski Rodreick Bill back on track. Seems that it's gotten stuck and we need you to unstick it.

First, for those of you who don't know about it, or remember it, I'll give you the short version of the bill.

It is requesting an annual $4 million dollar investment into research to discover a CURE for paralysis.

So, why do we need your help?

Well, a lot of you not being American, and it's even confusing for Americans I think, I'll again give you a short summary and then urge you to send your email immediately.

Basically, this bill will not be included in the budget which will be voted on by the Minnesota House of Representatives. Why? I don't know why. The bill had already passed numerous committee votes.

But there still is hope, and if you believe in a cure for paralysis, you do believe in hope and also know that hoping is not enough. We got to work at it.

Here's the hope. The Minnesota senate also puts forward a budget bill and if we can get the Jablonski Rodreick Bill into the senate budget, there is still a chance to get it through!

So, I want you to write to Sen. Lourey and the Health and Human Services Finance Committee members and ask them to include our paralysis cure bill in the senate budget.

You sent one email and passed it through a load of committees, now I want you to send one more and UNSTICK this bill.

This campaign has ended. Thank you for your support.

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