14 October 2012

Vote for your favourite image

Ask most people that I work with and they will tell you that I love my work to be constructively criticized. It's what makes the end product better.

There was some criticism of the image I chose of the woman dancer (image 2). Some believed that she looked like a stripper and maybe that it wasn't the most positive image that I could have chosen. I truly believed the woman to be a dancer and didn't even consider the fact of what others might have thought. A friend of mine told me that it couldn't be a stripper because strippers dance in heels and my image was clearly a dancer, but I guess we all have different eyes and I truly do appreciate the comments.

So, what I'm going to do, because I believe that most people have good sense, and the last thing I want to do is divide us over an image, I will let those who follow my blog, my facebook friends, your facebook friends, anybody, vote to decide what the best image is.

I think people can chose an image that won't insult most people. 

It's up to YOU to chose. I've picked five that I like, at least that were free and not stolen, and I'll leave it to you.

You can vote in one click below to pick the image that I will use for our current Rick Hansen Lobbying campaign. For more information about the campaign, please see here.





The vote is over and image 3 wins the race. Thanks to all of you who voted.


  1. Image 3 is strong without being offensive. I think all of the other images are open to interpretations that will vary by an individual's outlook and thinking, some of which will be negative.

  2. Image 3 looks best. Its subtle but more serious and less gimmecky than images 1,2,4,5.

  3. The point is being lost-Who cares about the image, it's about a org. not being transparent!

  4. Image 3 is great and would have a serious visual impact on the very clear message we've been wanting to deliver. Nothing should be lost in the interpretation or impact with that image. Great job Dennis! Thanks for letting us vote.

  5. I like 3, also.