04 October 2012

Pants on fire!

Mr. and Mrs. Institute must be really ashamed of their son, The Rick Hansen Institute after the letter he sent me. Yes, I received a letter signed, Rick Hansen Institute (RHI). Now either it was signed by Mr. and Mrs. Institute’s son, OR, no one at the RICK HANSEN INSTITUTE was willing to take responsibility for the rubbish that was written in it so no one signed it. I tend to believe the latter as I looked on Canada411 and only found one person with the surname ‘Institute’ but that person was in Toronto.

Let’s go back a second.

Many of you will know that I have been involved in writing to the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF) about their commitment to a cure for CHRONIC spinal cord injury. You’ll also know that they have NEVER NEVER NEVER answered this question.

You can see the whole explanation at www.bit.ly/HansenFoundation

So this time I wrote to the RHI to see about their spending and research since they receive $12 million of RHF’s $13 million that they endow on ‘outside’ organizations. The email I sent to Mr. Bill Barrable, RHI’s CEO, can be found at http://bit.ly/paperheroes

I was shocked that he would even dare say, "We believe that we have been very responsive to all your requests."

For one, we have never written asking questions to the RH INSTITUTE. They have only ever been cc'd into the questions. Furthermore, the responses have never come under the name of RH INSTITUTE except for our very first ask. Other than this, we have only ever received answers from the Rick Hansen Foundation and Mr. Art Reitmayer who was the CEO. 

So how can they in good faith write that they have, "always been responsive to our requests."

Are RHF and RHI the same? They must believe so. Well, if they are the same, I think they should stop acting as two separate entities and the costs that it entails  like office space, telephones, and administrative staff. It's starting to sound weird to me.

I'm starting to feel that two groups that can't answer questions about spending on regeneration or a cure for chronic spinal cord injury are somehow hiding something from the community of the chronically injured.

As always, I hope I'm wrong and that they're not answering because they are too arrogant and feel that they don't owe US, the paralyzed, an answer, not because they're not spending on chronic cure.

I guess this means a new campaign. Stay tuned.

By the way, just in case you don't know who I am, I am Dennis Tesolat. I take responsibility for what I write.


  1. I'm getting my pen ready.....or should that be keyboard?

  2. You are pissing your life away with this. Get on with something productive.

    1. Reallly? You don't think that trying to get one of the most well funded SCI orgs in the world spending on a cure for chronic spinal cord injury is a good idea?
      Then you don't have to participate.

  3. How can wanting them to be accountable/answer important questions over where the funds are actually going in relation to research towards a cure be pissing his life away?

    If nobody asks the questions then the information released will only ever be what they want us to hear. Keep going Dennis, good luck.

    James Mc.

  4. Right on! Dennis keep going and lets expand it.