21 January 2018

Still here in 2018!

I hope that you and your friends and families all had a wonderful new year's holidays.

Getting back to work now and just like you, I'm still trying to catch up. I'm a little late getting back to the site, but it's not forgotten.

Actually, over the holidays, I had a chance to make a few long anticipated changes to the site that you may or may not notice.
  • The site is now at www.StemCellsandAtomBombs.org and it's the window to all the language versions.
  • The language versions are all at their own subdomains:
  1. StemCellsandAtomBombs: en.StemCellsandAtomBombs.org
  2. CelulasMadreyBombasAtomicas: sp.StemCellsandAtomBombs.org
  3. CelluleStaminalieBombeAtomiche: it.StemCellsandAtomBombs.org
  4. 幹細胞&原爆: jp.StemCellsandAtomBombs.org
  • Finally, all the posts are linked with the other language versions which will make it easier for you to see what's available in your own language.
So, what will I be working on in 2018?

I hope to give you some answers about bowel, bladder, and sexual function from the current epidural stimulation trials going on in Kentucky. So far, the researchers on this project have been very forthcoming with information and I hope that we can continue that relationship with them so as to get you the information you've been waiting for.

Also, planning on expanding out the questions and BBS and epidural stimulation to the other centres. If you have some ideas on the centres I should be approaching, all information is welcome.

Actually, I've been asked to participate in a bowel/bladder project being worked on by the North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm also consulting with a few people at the moment about a survey of the SCI community in regards to their attitudes about a number of certain issues affecting cure. I hope to have this out next week or so.

Please stay tuned.

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