21 October 2014

Give SCI BC a new slogan to replace, "It's not about cure. It's about quality of life."

Recently, I've been getting a fair number of emails and comments from of all of you to help SCI BC think about a slogan they used on a poster (you can see it circled in red to your left) to replace, "It's not about cure. It's about quality of life." I was able to have a good talk with the CEO of this organisation and he realises that this slogan needs replacing as it could give the idea that SCI BC isn't in support of regenerative therapies.

Of course SCI BC isn't obligated to use our ideas for a new slogan, but I want to let them know that people aren't just interested in complaining, but interested in working together to make sure that problems are rectified not only talked about.

So I'm putting the list of ideas that I received below, unedited except I haven't included any that disparage the importance of care, quality of life, or cure. Now, I'd like to know your top ten from the list.

Hope you spend a few minutes to vote. The list is below and you can pick your top 10 here.

1 comment:

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