20 February 2014

They fixed the pressure sore, but what I really needed was a kick in the butt.

As many of you know, I've been in hospital. I've had/I had a pressure sore that didn't react to four months of out-patient treatment and it put me on my back in the hospital for the past three months. 

Well, three months and two operations later, it looks like I'll be back in the saddle again next week. I guess I could just leave it there and everyone would forgive me my not writing in my blog or doing any cure work.

How can you type on a computer if you're lying flat?
To tell the truth, it's really quite simple. You lose some speed and a little accuracy, but it's not so hard.
Well, even if you can type, who works while they're lying in the hospital with a giant hole in their butt?
Me. While I didn't do my cure work or write my blog, I did do my union work everyday. I wrote articles, did consultations, held strategy meetings, and did negotiations. I even did my union work on the days that I would have usually worked on my blog or other cure activities.
So I guess, through my own admission, I'm caught. 

Simply put, I got tired of being a cripple and decided that if I just concentrated on doing other stuff, I wouldn't be a cripple. I would stay in the hospital until my pressure sore healed and then I would leave victorious. Pressure sore healed. End of story.

I decided that I would be like normal people who leave the hospital - cured!

Well, as my pressure sore gets closer to being healed, the doctor has now let me know that I can sit up at 90 degrees in bed and then next week I can use my wheelchair.


I guess hearing this phrase jolted me back into cure activism mode.

Does this sound crazy to you? 

It sounds crazy to me now, but not while I was hoping that I'd just walk out of here once my pressure sore healed.

So now that I've snapped back into reality, you can expect a lot more work out of me and even though I appreciate the three months you gave me to dream (and accomplish nothing), the next time this happens, kick me in the ass. 

Well, not in the ass because I can't feel it and you may bugger up the pressure sore. Kick me in the arm and tell me to get my ass back to work. Cure is waiting but we're the ones who have to make it happen.

I was going to say more, but I guess that I'll try to make sure that my first post-hibernation post doesn't offend anyone. I was going to talk about those who...opiate of the masses...happy rolling. Oh, well. That's for another day.

In the meantime, there are many things to do. Take a second to see some of the things you can help with and sign up.

Join the CureCaptains and get others involved.

Join our Canadian Cure SCI Group and help steer chronic cure in Canada.

Take the U2FP $5 video challenge educate yourself while supporting Unite2FightParalysis.

Like StemCells&AtomBombs on facebook and help popularlise the blog so others learn about paralysis cure.

Follow this site get regular updates about cure activity.

Just doing one of these things brings cure a little closer to millions.
So get off your ass and give it a click.


  1. Can you tell all us newbies how you got the sore and how you could have prevented it?

  2. This blog they fixed the pressure sore, but what I really needed was a kick in the butt. is awesome I got lot of information throught your blog I suggested my friends to refer your blog please add more post its very use full to people

  3. Thanks for that. I hope you check out the links and join us in our "Liberation War on Paralysis". Still in bed but getting better.