28 February 2013

Welcome to the NEW StemCells&AtomBombs

Keep on pushing for CURE!

My name is Dennis Tesolat and I suffered a spinal cord injury in 2009 due to a hemorrhage in my spinal cord and am now a paraplegic.

I'd like to introduce you to the newly redesigned blog. You can now view all the language versions of the blog at www.StemCellsandAtomBombs.org.

I'd also like to take this time to say a special thank you to all the translators who have helped in the past and to welcome a whole load of new ones. These people make sure that our voices for paralysis cure are heard across the world.

I started this blog soon after my injury with only one purpose in mind; to raise awareness for a cure for paralysis. I was in the hospital for over a year and had a lot of time to study about many things. One was the power of stem cells and other up and coming therapies to regenerate the spinal cord. Another was the atomic bomb. I recognized that even the most perplexing scientific challenges could be overcome by strong leadership and a deadly timeline.

If this could be done for something as wicked as the abomb, it can also be done to cure paralysis. For me and millions across the world living with paralysis, we face the same deadly timeline.

This blog has put me in touch with many great cure activists throughout the world and because of my work with these people the purpose of the blog has changed from solely raising awareness to actively campaigning for a cure.

You too can become a cure activist by following this blog, joining in the campaigns, and encouraging your family and friends to take part, too, by becoming a CureCaptain.

I don't believe in a cure because I'm in a chair. I believe in a cure because scientists say it is possible, and animal studies show us clear results. I don't believe a cure for paralysis is a scientific problem, but rather a political and economic one and therefore our actions can have a profound impact.

Make sure that you raise your voice for cure. Not a cure in some distant future, but for cure NOW!

You can help immediately:
  • by signing up to be a CureCaptain and spread the cure message through your social network.
  • like us on facebook
  • subscribe or follow this blog by using the menu on the left

These are small things but together will add up to paralysis cure.

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