26 January 2013

Send an email to support our Italian friends in their fight for cure

Chronic Spinal Cord Injury/is a form of torture. Fight with us for a cure!

When we campaign in America for more focus on CURE from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, our Italian friends are always with us.

When we campaign in California for more spending to CURE chronic spinal cord injury, our Italian friends respond in droves.

When we appeal to the Rick Hansen Foundation for more transparency in their spending on CURE for chronic spinal cord injury, it’s our Italian comrades who help make our numbers remarkable.

NOW, the Italians need to us to support their efforts to make CURE a priority. You can repay their support by sending a simple email.

On 9 January, the president of the Italian Paralymic Committee, Mr. Luca Pancalli stated on RAI’s (Italian Broadcasting Corporation’s) TG1 that…

“If I could live life again I would include my accident (which left him a quadriplegic . Happiness is wanting exactly what you already have.”

In response to this insulting statement made by a public personality, Ms. Loredana Longo, spokesperson for the Sruotiamoci CURE paralysis movement wrote a letter to Mr. Pancalli condemning his statement as counterproductive to cure research as it falsifies the daily suffering of those living with spinal cord injury.

In my opinion as StemCells&AtomBombs, this is not simply about the crude statements made by a public figure, but about the media's constant refusal to portray the reality of paralysis and of our voices for cure.

Under the banner “Chronic spinal cord injury is a form of torture”, Italian cure activists are demanding that RAI give them the right of reply to show the reality of spinal cord injury. In Ms. Longo’s own words, “To show that aside from living life from a wheelchair, we are forced to urinate from a catheter, use invasive methods to empty our bowels, and are subject to the effects of liver damaging drugs.”

In just two short days Italians have sent over 150 emails to RAI to back up their demands for a right of reply.

You can help them by doing the same. Please send your email by completing the below fields.

This campaign has now ended. Thanks for all the support. It was tremendous and it caused RAI to agree to an interview to the main organizer in Italy. More to follow.


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