21 December 2012

Working2Walk - the book

Many of you know our friend Kate Willette, who's been writing the Working2Walk live blog for the last five years. She's come up with a way to produce a book about the conference that we'd all like to see in as many hands as possible. The way it works is:
  • She describes the project plan in detail, and the clock starts ticking.
  • She reaches out to everyone who would be interested in the finished product.
  • She asks for people to back that project by pre-ordering a book or two, sharing the idea with their own communities, and kicking in a small amount to pay for the cost of production and shipping.
So far, she's got commitments for more than half the project! There's a time limit, though, and if she doesn't get fully funded by January 6th, there won't be a book!
If you can help, go to Kickstarter now and do it! Then add a note and forward this e-mail to everyone you can think of. We really want this to happen; we really want our story to be out there in print, in hospitals and libraries and exercise facilities and homes.

Many thanks from everyone at Unite 2 Fight Paralysis
This post was reprinted from a 19 December emailing from Unite 2 Fight Paralysis


  1. personally after having seen what rick hansen and others have done (nothing)id like to see whats printed before i were to donate..just saying

  2. anonymous-are you moe? just saying

  3. from the author kate:
    "By the way, Wise, this is a good birthday present for you -- a story that had its start right here at CC is going to be in print. Thank you so much, and happy birthday.

    k "

    Make sure you give Wise a plug, he will feel betrayed if you don't as his mode of operation is promotion. Maybe it wasn't such a good choice to have one of Young's moderators write this book. We shall see, oh and to have Betheny do the flap.

  4. The book is awesome and actually doesn't include anything about Wise. The book is about the speakers research for chronic paralysis that presented in 2012 at Working 2 Walk in Irvine California. All of this blubbering and sniveling about the book and it's author is off base, childish and unwarranted. Get a grip on reality ya trolls!