01 July 2012

Maybe I'm as dumb as a rock...but I don't think so.

Is Dennis Tesolat as dumb as a rock?
During our ongoing correspondence with the Rick Hansen Foundation in regards to their spending on a cure for chronic spinal cord injury, I'm starting to think that maybe I'm the one who is thick. Maybe they have answered all our questions and I'm just too stupid to understand. 

So today I'll ask your opinion and if it comes out that people think I'm the dense one, then maybe I'll have to stop doing all of this. You judge!

Here is the history of why I'm starting to think that I'm obtuse.

1. First question to RHF on 27 July 2011

2. Second question to RHF on 31 July 2011

b. Answer: Another answer NOT answering the question, or does it? Maybe my peanut sized brain can't fully comprehend the email. You decide. "Since inception, 81% of funds raised by RHF have been directed towards the search for a cure for SCI and quality of life initiatives, through the support of charitable programs and research grants."

3. We asked RHF to hold direct talks on 12 August 2011
a. A letter was sent by five people living with spinal cord injuries from across the world. One in Canada, one in Spain, one in Japan, and two in Italy. We asked for a meeting by skype to answer four questions, one of which was, "How the 81 percent figure you stated in your previous email is divided between quality of life and regenerative research?"

4. Question sent to the patron of the Rick Hansen Relay, the Governor General of Canada, starting on 24 August 2011.
a. Again people from all around the world sent of an email to his Governor Generalism. We asked, "I ask you as the Governor General of Canada and patron of the Rick Hansen Relay to relay my desire for real dialogue with RHF in regards to the urgency of a cure for paralysis and how we in Canada and the international community can better cooperate to achieve Rick Hansens's dream."

b. Worse than the answers we got from RHF, the Governor General ignored people from all over the world including Canadians.

5. RHF's Interdependence Conference in Vancouver and our questions.
a. This time in a huge response to our call for email to RHF, 737 people signed our appeal which started on 19 April 2012, and added their names to our questions. The questions about RHF's commitment to cure chronic spinal cord injury were then emailed, and faxed to Rick Hansen and a courageous member of the spinal cord injured community stood up in the conference to ask these questions face to face with Mr. Hansen.

b. The answers that came from both Mr. Reitmayer, CEO of RHF, in writing, and the answers right out of Mr. Hansen's mouth.

i.  At the May 2012 conference, Mr. Hansen, after being asked by a cure activist, Mr. Hansen talked about his vision of an inclusive world. He talked about cure. He talked about the market and the availability of therapies to introduce into the market. He even had the gall to talk about us raising more money when he won't even tell us where it goes. But he never once answered the question. You can read and HEAR it all here.

There have since been two more email sent by me personally to RHF and one more answer but after writing this much today, I'll wait a few days to write about that.

I don't want to distract you from the main question of trying to decide whether I'm too stupid to see the answers to our questions, or if there hasn't been any answer yet.


  1. I can't see any answers of meaning!

  2. Don't worry. You're maybe nuts, but not dum;)

    This is quite obvious that the RHF just simply doesn't want to answer your question.

  3. It may be time to start actively working to discredit this man as a fraud and a swindler.

  4. Keep it up, the mask is falling!

  5. No, they refuse to answer the question. They do not want the public to know that they do not fund regenerative research for spinal cord injury. Instead, Rick puts $500,000.00 per year into his pocket. Why would Rick rock the boat and fund research? So far, he's fooled everyone in wheelchairs into thinking he's working on a cure for them when it's NOT true at all. How sad for the SCI community!

  6. They've given acceptable answers to the questions, you just don't want to hear them; your line is "spending money on stem cell based regeneration is the ONLY acceptable avenue or endeavor in the SCI world". You're so overzealous in this blinkered perspective that to you everything else is a scam. There will come a time in your life when you will gain some perspective.

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't see what you're talking about in terms of stem cell research. Are you reading the posts or are you just imagining what they say. the question is that they want to know how much is being spent on a cure for chronic spinal cord injury? That's all.
      They don't talk about the other work being wrong or bad, just want to know how much is being spent on cure. You should really read the ENTIRE post before you start shooting off your ANTI-CURE BIGOTRY.