08 March 2012

Burning for a cure

I got an idea in my head the other day. With the increased burning in my legs crazy thoughts do come to me and I have to do a little bit of a reality check. The problems though with reality checks is they often stop you from doing what needs to be done.

So, I'm going to write about it and while I'm writing, I'm going to think about it, and at the end, I may decide to go ahead.

My idea goes a little like this.
1. Write to the ministers or secretaries or whatever they call themselves of Health in the G8 countries.

2. I'm going to invite them to a skype conference about curing paralysis. They get together about other stuff, so why not curing paralysis? I feel that this is an important enough thing that they can spare two or three hours for.

3. I'm going to empathise with their problems about limited budgets and then give them an idea that if they work together it will be cheaper.

4. When we work out a good time for the call, I'm going to get them to invite the top researcher from their own countries. If they don't know these people, I'll give them a list. There's no sense having a bunch of health ministers sitting on the phone together because they wouldn't know what to talk about, and since the first one who talks about ramps is getting cut off I have to make sure they got someone to listen to.

5. Then I'm going to call a few friends of mine and I'm certain they will attend. These are people who know stuff and especially why there is currently no cure for paralysis.

6. So at this point there will be scientists working on a CURE for CHRONIC spinal cord injury. They'll know about the science and what they need. There will be ministers of health who control money and all those regulatory bodies that can get in the way. And then there will be me and my friends who can tell everyone why it's currently not working.

7. Then we're going to dole out the homework and get together in another month to see who's done what and we're going to keep doing this until it gets done.

So tell me. Am I crazy? Does this have a chance to work? I think that they're going to ignore me and then I'll have to ask you all to write to them to organise this.

I decided to try. And so I don't bug others that I work with right now, I'll first see how it goes.
I might just be crazy enough to pull it off. And so I don't chicken out, I'm emailing this directly to my blog

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  1. You are one ambitious sonofa Dennis! I support you in this!

  2. Worth the shot!

  3. fantastic Dennis , constructive ideas is what we need ! im in

  4. The other day I came up with the idea to humanize the place I was growing up in which is a little village in eastern Ukraine. I was told that I was nuts. And what I was refering to they are just road repairs,street illumination, garbage collection (people through all the houshold garbage right into nature), building parks and playgrounds, stray animals control (there are over 20 stray dogs solely on my street!)and some other ESSENTIAL things. Who cares? Dennis, you are not crazy but brave and persistant. They have probably called Lorenzo's parents crazy. But in the long run they proved opposite.