18 January 2012

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 'Walking on the moon with Joe Kals'.

Many people don't know Joe Kals, and I didn't either until I read about him walking 1325km from north to south across France - and Joe can't walk. He has been a paraplegic for thirty years. His 1325km trek is being done with braces and crutches.

Joe is raising money and awareness for what many scientists already believe is possible, a cure for paralysis - so that you, and I, and Joe may one day walk across the beauty of France without braces and crutches.
Now that I've told you what Joe IS doing, let me tell you what he isn't doing.

He isn't raising funds and awareness for...

...a more inclusive world for those with SCI.
...a barrier free world so we can ride our chairs wherever we wish.

All admirable things, but Joe is doing this for ONE reason only, "So that human beings can live life without the consequences of spinal cord injury."

Watch our video and send this to your friends, colleagues, and family to let them know that a cure for spinal cord injury IS possible.

Make a donation to Joe by visiting his website at http://www.joekals.com/. The site is in French but click 'faire un don' in the upper left hand corner. 
All money raised will be donated to the French organization ALARME which is 100% dedicated to a cure for spinal cord injury.


  1. Hi Joe . Fantastic effort , will be following your success and waiting with baited breath to hear the corks pop at the end of your marrathon . Great to see you putting a light on spinal cord injuries and keeping it in the public arena . Our thoughts are with you ,GO JOE !!!
    Your fans in Australia

  2. Wow! Joe, you are truly an inspiration. I can only try to imagine how much strength you have. Physically and mentally. Good luck.

  3. Joe Kals, this is such an amazing thing you're doing! I'm pretty sure you're inspiring a lot of people, either with SCI or not.
    Keep up the good work! <3

  4. Wow, I can't imagine traveling such a distance even though I am pretty healthy! Doing it on braces and crutches is hard to imagine. My best wishes to you on your trek and I hope this helps raise awareness. Best regards, Adrian.

  5. good on yer mate sci ( chronic) clinical tials push on