23 July 2011

Advancing world knowledge

World knowledge took a giant leap forward with the publishing of a new Kinsey Institute report.

It was quite the report where you can see research dollars at work to 'advance world knowledge' which is one of the goals of the Kinsey Institute.

This groundbreaking study flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

Cuddling is more important to men than women, survey says

But what's the point? Well, according to Jennifer Bass, director of communications at the Kinsey Institute, "This study makes it clear our assumptions aren't always borne out by research."

So the point of this study was to show that our assumptions aren't always correct. Wow! I always thought that my assumptions were correct. I guess, I'll have to rethink my assumptions.

Well, just so the Kinsey Institute doesn't try to get any research dollars for spinal cord injury under the pretext of research in order to 'advance world knowledge', I'll give them some of my findings for free.

Ground breaking research by Dennis Tesolat

  • People with spinal cord injury have more difficulty walking than those without spinal cord injury.
  • Men with spinal cord injury tend to drink more beer than similarly injured female subjects.
  • Spinal cord injury impacts on sexual function.
  • People with SCI spend more time in the bathroom per visit than non-handicapped people.
  • Those with SCI don't find lounging in the chairs to be a comfortable activity.
  • Assumptions that living with SCI is something that you can adjust yourself to, proven wrong.

If the Kinsey Institute has any sex type questions for me, they can write me and I'll answer to try to save them some money as long as they agree to put their money into real research for the real problems facing the world.

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  1. Bravo Team Dennis,
    You guys saved us billions of dollars!!!!!!!!!
    I wish Pres. Obama's Congress could solve the U.S. debt crisis and provide Medicare and Medicaid for spinal and disabled people to regain function and mobility.