17 May 2011

Your help is urgently needed

Your help is urgently needed!! Two minutes of your time can make a difference in Michael Martinez's life. And an extra few minutes to pass this on to your friends will make an ever greater difference.

On 12 September 2010 at a race in northern California the horse Michael Martinez was jockeying clipped the heels of another horse and catapulted him head first into the track with the horse then rolling over him. After 11 hours of surgery he was left paralyzed from the injury suffered to his spinal cord.

He was turned down for the Geron clinical trials to cure paralysis, but now he has been offered a spot in the StemCellsInc. clinical trials in Switzerland. This trial will check both the safety and efficacy of neural stem cells in repairing the spinal cord.

The problem is that for him to have the optimal chance of success, he must be in Zurich within 10 days to two weeks but immigration bureaucracy is getting in the way.Martinez has applied for permanent U.S. residency and passed all required tests. But a final interview by the U.S. Immigration Department, which is said to be only a formality, is three months away. Without residency, Martinez, would likely be denied reentry into the United States. 

Read the full story.

His doctor David Stefel, who I have been in contact with, is urging people to contact US immigration and California Senator Barbara Boxer to appeal to them to get Michael to Switzerland in time for the trials.

Please, please help as it will only take a second. 

The form below will get an email directly to the following people.
Robin Barrett, Field Office Director, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services San Francisco office.
Barbara Boxer, US Senator from California.
Dr. David Stefel. Michael Martinez's doctor.

WE WON!!!!!!!!!

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