05 April 2011

Welcome to the Spanish cure and Fenexy

~by Carles Alcolea~

From our youngest days we are told at school that the illness is cured by gentlemen in white coats with test tubes, who are called scientists. We have always imagined them as mad scientists with wild hair, inside a gigantic building full of laboratories with infinite resources doing experiments which only they can understand.

Nothing could be further from the truth. How does science actually work? How do we discover the cure for diseases?

The harsh reality is that scientists are ordinary people, made of flesh and blood, with their families, their mortgages, and their own problems. They are usually people who have decided to commit themselves to research as the result of a personal passion, and quite often do not earn money with it; they live on their salaries as a teachers or from scholarship to scholarship.

Even then, some of the time that they could be dedicating to research to make more progress, is wasted filling in applications, applying for scholarships, seeking partners, trying to reduce costs, etc.

This is why things move so slowly.
What if the gap between science and society wasn’t so big?

After all, science is used to fix problems in society, why not ease the work on the ones who research how to cure us? Tomorrow you might need a therapy that has not been discovered yet.

The field of the spinal cord injuries repair is progressing quickly due to the latest discoveries. We have already broken the barrier that seemed unbreakable: spinal cord injuries are now curable.

But the science behind a cure for spinal cord injuries needs many things: money, incentives to attract new minds, human and material resources, etc.

The scientists need to meet frequently and talk about their progress to generate new ideas, to compare results, and to collaborate with one another. They need everyone’s support.

That is why Fenexy exists.
Founded: November 2010.

Would you like to do something to help in the meantime?

See Fenexy’s website at www.fenexy.org.
See Fenexy’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Fenexy.
At Fenexy there are many things you can help with, administration, advertisement, design, translation, etc.; there is a lot of work to be done.
Contact us at info@fenexy.org

PS. Great progress. This is the first post translated from another language into English. Thank you Pierre. All mistakes with the English are mine as I did the editing.

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