23 December 2010

Greater than the might of atoms magnified a thousand fold - Part III

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I think there are easily about 100 people who would love me to get up out of my chair. And if you add another twenty or so people who would like to give me a punch in the head but are refraining while I'm in a wheelchair, my number goes up to 120 people.

from the Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry 2001/2002
I bet that I could get all 120 to sign a petition for better organization and funding for stem cell research (but I don't think petitions are an answer).

I bet I could get about 80 to sign a postcard and actually mail it back to me asking for the same, and about 50 would attend a demonstration to get me a cure. The twenty in line to give me a punch in the head would probably storm any necessary barricades.

Everyone claims that the spinal cord injury community is too small to gain the necessary attention for a cure, but I don't think so.

I am not one, I am one plus 100. I am 101.

Let's do some atomic multiplication to show that we're not such a small group.

Looking the chart, you can see that we are not a small group. When you consider just those with spinal cord injury, you can see that we are already at 2.5 million people. Multiply this by, let's say 50 friends, family members, and enemies, and don't worry about their friends and their friends and their enemies, then we have 12,500,000 people read to fight for a cure.

Did you know our world wide community was that big? Now that we know how big we are, it's time to get get organized.

Let's wait for the next few posts to see how regular people like me and you have changed the world and their own lives.

PS. I know our world is that big and that's why this blog is available in the following languages.
Japanese, Italian, and Russian. Soon to be followed by French, German, Chinese, and Romanian.

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