24 February 2014

The $5 "CureVideos" Challenge - Repost

I posted the below blog on 28 November after I was just hospitalised (feels like 100 years ago not three months ago) and I realised looking at it now that there is no link to the videos I want you to donate to. 

As much as I like to pretend that being hospitalised doesn't affect me too much, I guess it does, and thus the big omission. 

So, send my friends at Unite2FightParalysis a fiver for cure and show your support for their great educational package on paralysis cure.

Three easy steps to watch, educate, and donate.

Click here now to sign up, watch, and donate. It's as easy 1, 2, 3.

-------Original Post------

Many of you know the group Unite2FightParalysis (www.U2FP.org) and the wonderful yearly conference they put on called Working2Walk (www.working2walk.org).

There are many like myself who would love to attend and hear the exciting presentations made by scientists and activists in the fight to cure paralysis. Well, flying from Japan, booking a hotel, and all the costs associated with out country, or even out of city travel, doesn't fit into my budget.

But does U2FP leave me or you out just because we can't afford the time or money? No, they make sure that the presentation are available to ALL of us for free on the internet.

Click here to watch the videos. You'll be asked to log into your account and you'll get a password for the videos. If you don't have an account, you can log in through your facebook or twitter account, or create a new login. Whichever way you do it, you'll get a password which you can use. 

 Although they make it free to watch, it's not free for U2FP. I have learned that making the videos available to us for free costs them about $5000 for the videographer and then many many hours in volunteer time to get them ready for the final upload and editing. So I'd like to make all the video presentation viewers out there a simple, cheap challenge. From now on, every time I watch a 2013 video (the first time) I'm going to donate five bucks, and I want you to do the same. There is a donate link on all the videos which you can access after registering to view (registering doesn't oblige you to donate). You can support U2FP and their work to find a cure for spinal cord injury for as little as $5, and supporting cure is a lot better than any of the other things you can buy for a fiver. Of course, if you think that $5 at a time is a pain, please feel free just to make a larger, one off donation.  

Hope you take the challenge!

Click here now to take the challenge. It's as easy 1, 2, 3.


  1. Whilst u2f is sponsored by acorda I believe a boycott would be the proper thing to do with your friends dennis

  2. Bobby,
    If you like U2FP but don't like the Acorda funding, wouldn't the answer be to donate so they don't have to ask Acorda for money.
    Or are you suggesting that Dennis organize a boycott seeing that you won't do do anything about it!

  3. Or if there is opposition to Acorda funding to U2FP and there is a boycott, maybe U2FP leaders could stand out side gazing at the sky and see if funding falls on their head or into their open mouths.
    If the community won't fund it, then it needs to be funded somehow.

  4. Lots of crabbing here over every miniscule thing under the sun by lazy people, but never support for anything towards a CURE. Bitching and whining won't bring about a cure or we would have had a cure long ago. Maybe the crybabies will produce us a CURE tomorrow...

  5. I think babbling trolls should be boycotted.

  6. Why is it every time there's a new blog post put up on this site does a promotion always ensue in the comment section for either Dr.Wise Young or a Multiple Sclerosis drug from the same Bob troll? The blog posts change subject matter, but the troll never posts anything different than promotion of Dr. Young and MS drugs. It's BORING. Please moderate the troll. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm starting to see some common sentiment here about trolls who complain day and night but don't do anything to rectify the situation. I can respect someone who has a complaint and does something about it, but someone who just shares their complaints, well...

  8. Dennis what did you accomplish? Are we closer to a cure because of your petitions? Do you really think the "troll" does nothing pro active? And where is the common sentiment here, it's probally just Lief

    1. Trolls never accomplish anything. They only think they do because the narcissistic troll insists that he's the only one right so he destroys other's efforts and work at any cost.

  9. You'll need to purchase a new hard drive the size of the one that NASA uses to save the list of troll whines.

  10. If someone wants to watch cure research video's and advocacy presentations at that website and give 5 bucks to the effort, then what's so wrong with that? I've never seen such stupid complaints before! How can a troll even dream up boycotting such good cure information and sci meetings? Too WEIRD!