04 March 2013

Still time for a Minnesota cure email!

Great news!

Last Wednesday the The Jablonski/Rodreick SCI/TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Research Fund passed it's second hurdle in the Minnesota legilsature. This means we are that much closer to an extra $4 million in annual spending on a cure for paralysis.

The bill has already made it through two committees and you still have time to send an email if you already haven't supporting this bill to members of the Senate Health and Human Services Finance Committee which will meet on 12 March.

So please spend 15 seconds and send an email by using the links below to let legislators know that you support this effort.

We’ll keep you informed of the Bill’s progress and let you know when we need your support again to ensure this very important piece of legislation goes all the way to getting passed.

This campaign has now ended.

You can find out more about the people behind this important legislation in this very informative article.

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