28 October 2012

More reasons to support Working2Walk and Unite2Fight Paralysis

Irvine, California  1-3 November
Today I'm doing a follow up from my last post about the Working2Walk (W2W) conference being held in Irvine, California on 1-3 November. In my last post, "Working2Walk - I'll be there in spirit an pocketbook" I talked about some of the reasons why we should support this conference even if we can't attend and how I made a small donation to Unite2Fight Paralysis (U2FP), the conference's main sponsor.

  • a yearly conference sponsored by U2FP since 2006 to bring together scientists, practioners, paralysis survivors and family members for a dynamic exchange of information and strategies
  • with a jam packed agenda of the best science to cure paralysis
  • presented by leading world scientists and others involved in raising money and advocating for a cure for spinal cord injury
  • having a live blog to read about the events as they happen (2011 W2W)
  • putting the main speakers up on the web so we can see the good news about the main scientific cure breakthroughs (2010&2011 W2W). These videos have been seen in over 50 countries.
And the things that U2FP does for the spinal cord injury community outside of the W2W conference.

These are the the first hand benefits that we all get from this conference and this organization, and why I made a donation to support their work.

But there is a more personal side because U2FP's work IS personal. 

U2Fp understands firsthand the challenges and issues that accompany an SCI. They aren't driven to our work by a paycheque. They are driven by the love they have for the people who are injured. Everyone on the U2FP board either has a SCI or a child with one. They're passionate about moving therapies forward and witnessing recovery in our lifetimes. 

The researchers they work with, recognize this and partner with them to better understand the science and work with us to advance it.  The scientists and researchers understand the value of this partnership and commit year after year to participating at W2W. U2FP needs more people to support their work, so that they can develop additional strategies to support the researchers work and move us all closer to recovery. 

So, even if you can't attend, you do get a benefit and I hope that you can join me in supporting U2FP's wonderful work.


  1. You're doing a great job Dennis! Thank you for pointing out there's more to working on a cure for chronic spinal cord injury than posting words on the Internet. If everyone just gives a few dollars to help out, we'll get the job done. It takes a community to support the best of efforts.

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