24 April 2012

Thank you for signing our Declaration of INterDEPENDENCE

Thank you to all those who have signed our appeal to Rick Hansen to ask about a cure for chronic spinal cord injury at www.bit.ly/RickHansen.

It's because of people like you that we are about to surpass the 500 person mark making this one of our best campaigns ever. So now I want to appeal to you to take just one more step to get more people to sign so that our appeal cannot be ignored.

Doing just one of the following will do a lot for the future of CURE.

Copy and paste this very short message and paste it on your Facebook page.

"I signed an appeal to the Rick Hansen Foundation asking them for a commitment to a CURE for chronic spinal cord injury. Now I'm appealing to my facebook friends to sign, too, at www.bit.ly/RickHansen."


Send an email to your friends. Studies have shown that direct appeals by email work much better than a simple post on Facebook.

"I'm just sending you a quick email to let you know about a campaign to CURE chronic spinal cord injury. I've added my name to the appeal and I hope you will do the same. You can sign it at www.bit.ly/RickHansen."

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